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budget balance.

don’t dress yourself with pricetags, its okay to mix and match. investment pieces with economically responsible tweaks & details. it’s about finding the right balance. we’d all love to have closets full of quality and shoeboxes full of cash but we’re  i’m not there (yet). building a wardrobe is about spending smart and having realistic expectations for our clothes.

blazer via landsend kids (tailored in length) : $65 total
pocket square via joann’s fabric : $6 (pack of 3 fabrics)
shirt via epaulet : $150
belt via billy kirk : $35 (discount/sale etc)
denim via baldwin : $232
bag via army navy : $16 (DIY bleach experiment) 
loafers via to boot new york : $150 (discout/sale etc)

play to your strengths, pay attention to sales but realize quality when you see it.  try to stay balanced.

Simplistic and functional. overcast and slightly chilly day. long sleeves under shirts create a really interesting additional pop of forearm color - nice contrast and easy seaway into jewelery-wrist-nonsense

Club Monaco shirt
OldNavy long sleeve
Madlibs pocket square
Belt by Billykirk
Rogue Territory RK ISC trousers
J.crew Timex

Florsheim Veblen
-j.crew casual boot laces.

yellow legal pad by TOPS
iPad by prententious

always hold doors open for others.