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personal style lookbook winter14:
shot by matt perrone at sandbox studio
styled by dillon burke

hat via unknown
coat via uniqlo
jacket via levis
shirt via individualized shirts
shirt via the classroom
denim via rogue territory
shoe via florsheim

reach out to an old friend today, for no reason other than to see how they are.

some upcoming work with Florsheim by Duckie Brown
shot by Alex Maier

some upcoming work with Florsheim by Duckie Brown

shot by Alex Maier

dressing from the shoes up: part 1

i don’t normally try the blazer & shorts thing, in fact i don’t often do the shorts thing at all (though you could never tell with legs so ‘jersey bronzed’), but i wanted to stretch myself after i received these unique Florsheims.

I had been a little on the fence about the noticeable metal buckle but a few seconds after pulling them from the box i knew they’d become one of my favorite pairs. just after the break in process. that came a bit quicker than expected because the process was about 35 seconds. soft suede on the upper and a really nice padded foot with light weight rubber sole. a sleek sharp & comfortable warm weather and transitional loafer.

stay on the look out for a great opportunity via florsheim x me. 

blazer via club monaco
shirt via ernest alexander
shorts via club monaco
shoes via florsheim (this shoe, on sale NOW!) 

slow down, where the fire? breathe (unless there is a fire, then run.)