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pineapple jacket & banana pants - the fruit suit.

work has been insane lately and i find myself wearing all-black-everything all week. so, i fuse 5 days of borderline outlandish clothing into my day off. project nyc happened to be on that day. where sandbox studio had an awesome pop-up studio that made me look much prettier than i am.

1960s military jacket w/ pineapple canvas collar lining.
j.crew t shirt
j.crew outlet pant w/ yellow dye job
alden loafers

uniforms drive me crazy.

so, thats cool. because thats me. 

so, thats cool. because thats me. 

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1960’s military shirt $20
grey bandana $2
thread & materials $6

i scored this killer military jacket in new hope PA last time i was around home, after some quick drafting and detail confirmation i commissioned this really pretty chick who knew how to use a sewing machine. the results are stellar, and i have my new favorite light weight jacket.

denim via baldwin
belt via gap
flops via clarks 

write down all of your ideas in ink. make them happen.

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j.crew outlet cotton jean: $25 (a few years ago)
yellow RIT dye:  $3.50

after packing up all of my clothing this past week to move, i realized i needed to pick a new color and dye some pants.  i have plenty of denim, a few pairs of chinos, trousers and now even a sharp camo pair - but i needed more color.

decided to inject some yellow with a DIY pants dying session. it worked well, filled up an afternoon and resulted in something unique: banana pants.

if you’re going to give this a go (on any article of clothing) i recommend dying something of similar fabric but less value before submerging your old beat up white oxford. let the color set on the test fabric and adjust accordingly. 

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