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Do you have any tips/advice for pairing raw denim and a blazer/Sport jacket? I'm afraid of the bleeding of the denim and hence staining of my blazers and sport jackets. Also, would the fades of the raw denim when they're broken in take away from the "clean"/"Crisp" look of raw denim when paired with a blazer/SC?

New denim does tend to bleed a bit onto fabrics it’s in contact with, but i’ve never really had any issues with this because my blazer choices have always been navy or darker. After a few weeks of wear denim traditionally will lose most of it’s “bleeding” and it’ll be less of an issue. It has gotten me a few times on the elbow’s & waistlines of white shirts - but i don’t worry too much about it as it comes off with regular shirt washing.

fading will rid the denim of that ‘crisp’ look (it’ll take about 3 months) - I’ve recently found myself cycling through two pairs of dark indigo denim depending on the occasion. one i intend on maintaining it’s stiffness for as long as possible - the other i wear 4 days a week.

i know denim is an investment, but all the information i have from it is simply by trial and error.



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