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dressing from the shoes up: part 1

i don’t normally try the blazer & shorts thing, in fact i don’t often do the shorts thing at all (though you could never tell with legs so ‘jersey bronzed’), but i wanted to stretch myself after i received these unique Florsheims.

I had been a little on the fence about the noticeable metal buckle but a few seconds after pulling them from the box i knew they’d become one of my favorite pairs. just after the break in process. that came a bit quicker than expected because the process was about 35 seconds. soft suede on the upper and a really nice padded foot with light weight rubber sole. a sleek sharp & comfortable warm weather and transitional loafer.

stay on the look out for a great opportunity via florsheim x me. 

blazer via club monaco
shirt via ernest alexander
shorts via club monaco
shoes via florsheim (this shoe, on sale NOW!) 

slow down, where the fire? breathe (unless there is a fire, then run.)

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