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part 2 of the Dockers Alpha Khaki series, again Jace and myself will be taking two different approaches to the same pant and providing feedback.

- Why did you choose the White Alpha Khaki?

dillon: white pants make a statement, properly fitted white pants make sure the statement is sound and these Alphas make sure the statement is “i’m a bit of a boss” - i’ve always been a big fan of white pants and while my lifestyle cleanliness often begs to differ, through a mix of dishwasher detergent, bleach & extra napkins i somehow persevere. in my opinion white pants convey a message of self confidence and self awareness. play it up, be confident and have fun.

jace: because i don’t have any pairs of white pants. Crazy story, right?

- How did you choose to style the Dockers Alpha Khaki in White?

dillon: i already own err rather, owned a pair of white pants so i wanted to do something to really set these apart. i had been seeing the whole ‘dip dye’ trend floating around and figured i’d give it a try on a much smaller scale (just the very bottom) - the result was great and i think it worked pretty well. 

i wanted people to know i don’t take myself too seriously and i was well aware i was wearing ‘tight white pants’ - so i played it up with a tie dye handkerchief and watch band, a comfortable unstructured cotton blazer, a chambray shirt & some suede wingtips.

jace: I pull the inspriation from a lot of pictures and I remember coming across one with a guy wearing denim and white and thinking “man, thats a good luck, but i don’t have white pants”

And then Docker’s Alpha Khaki was introduced to me.

And i took them out for some drinks.

A bite to eat and some coffee.

And here we are. 

White & Denim

- How would you wear these in the Summer and after?

dillon: with everything & almost everywhere. another perk of white pants that in my humble opinion they truly are a blank slate and a color (or lack there of) that embraces almost all others. this summer i’ll be relying on comfortable color combinations to keep these pants cool & versatile. whites & blues, grays, browns, greens, even black. cuff/roll them, or hem them a bit short for the summer. beyond the summer months, i’d pull them out about once every month as a bit of a statement piece. or when it rains/snows - theres something very textilely ironic about it.

jace: I would treat them just like ay other pair of pants.

It’s easy to get carried away whenever you worry about them being white pants.

I would definetly avoid sitting down as much as possible though.

It’s all fun and games until you get your new white pants dirty.

check out jace’s white alpha khaki post.

blazer via club monaco
shirt via j.crew outlet
pocket square & watch strap via tiedye store new hope PA
pants via dockers
shoes via florsheim

photography by grant heinlein

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