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as a (much needed) kick-start to getting these items repaired, i figured i’d take a few shots of them. the definition of the term ‘wearing’ is often forgotten in regards to wearing threads. and to us bloggers it’s no surprise. it’s common/great/quite swell to jump online and see a few crisp gentleman in solid tailored and textured apparel but i find that hardly realistic. I’d kill to see the same item after a few years of wearing. having always embraced a more “utilized” look to my wardrobe it’s pretty common for the “god damn it” to occur. a rip, a pull, worn heels, loose threads - etc. in some cases i embrace (denim shirt) and still wear it. Others require a bit more of a tactical approach. (RT stantons)

these garments range in terms of financial investment but i’ve certainly gotten my use out of them.

i’ll post these wardrobe power-ups again in a few weeks when they’re repaired.

in the spirit of thanksgiving forgive the below cliche - though it holds truth i fear it’s over utilized (similar to some items above)

be grateful - truly grateful. for what you have, all of your strengths and the acknowledgment of your weaknesses. grateful for the direction you’re pursuing, the challenges ahead and the anecdotes from you wild fuckin’ past.

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